Nursing Shoes
Nursing Shoes


Nurses have an exhausting daily routine they are upon their feet looking after – the patient’s needs and requirements. They work eight to twelve hours of shifts running all around the hospital floors, carrying out tasks, and handling their hospital duties. By the end of the day, these hard-working nurses are exhausted.

While they are on their duties, the worst thing that could happen to these nurses is running or walking in a pair of old, broken, and worn-out shoes. Now that’s a nightmare.

You deserve the best nursing shoes to wear for work so that you don’t come back home with swollen feet and ankles. Like the title says we have gathered a list of the BEST WHITE NURSING SHOES – they are available in other colors tough – suitable to wear for nurses!

               Top 13 White Nursing Shoes For women’s And Men’s


Image Product Details   View/Buy
Women,s Walking Shoes . They are comfortable
. High durability
. Easier to wear
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Comfortable Nursing Shoes . They are waterproof
. They are slip-resistant
. They are lightweight
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Women,s Ghost 12 Running Shoes . Comes in stylish design
. Easy to wear
. Great support to your feet
. Perfect Fit
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Women’s 3D Woven Athletic Shoes . Comfortable
. Lightweight
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Women’s FuelCore Nergize Sneaker . comfortable for daily use
. Available in a wide range of colors
. The mesh allows your feet to breath
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Women’s Casual Sneakers Running Comfort . Wearers found them comfortable found them
. They look stylish and fashionable
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Vionic Women,s Fitness Shoes . They are durable
. The rubber outsole is durable
. These shoes are not waterproof
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Women,s Athletic Walking and Working Shoes . They are lightweight
. They have a small heel
. they are slip-resistant
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Best White Shoes For Men and working shoes . Soft fabric shoe lining
. They are not durable
. They are slip resistant shoes
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Best tennis and running shoes for men . Mesh upper and comfortable
. They are durable
. There may be problem with sizing
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Best Nursing Shoes for Men Lace Up . The size are perfect
. They are not durable
. comfortable
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Croc Classic Clog Water Comfortable Slip-On Shoes . Not that expensive
. People like the ventilation feature in these shoes
. Made of 100% croslite
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The Women and Men Clock Work Shoes . They are non-slip
. Easy to clean
. Comfortable to wear
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Best white shoes for women

 Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe

White Nursing Shoes
White Nursing Shoes

When nurses are looking for a pair of shoes to buy and wear to work, they need to see the features of that shoe that will make it comfortable to wear.

Skechers Walking Shoe defines the terms comfortable and style – specially designed for working women who are on the run at all times. They are one of the best-selling pairs of white nursing shoes on Amazon. However, they are also available in other colors.

However, the question that arises is – what is so special about these shoes?

The outer body of the shoes is made of an advanced, breathable mesh that gives the shoe a stylish outlook. They are designed in a way to make them lightweight and flexible. The makers have added a responsive 5GEN cushioning in the middle sole of the shoes that adds to the level of comfort.

We agree on one thing, collars and rough fabrics may make our skin feel itchy, and that’s why we refrain from wearing such clothes or shoes. These pairs of Skechers have a padded and collar, and the shoe’s mouth has a lining made of soft fabric.

These key features of the shoes cushion your feet – giving you the ultimate walking and running experience.


  • Has low-top shaft from the arch
  • They are lightweight and flexible
  • 5Gen cushioning in the middle sole of the shoe
  • An advanced Breathable mesh upper
  • Soft fabric lining and padded collar

Pros & Cons

  • They are comfortable
  • Customers found the product stylish
  • High durability
  • Easier to wear
  • Customers who ordered the product said that it fitted them perfectly

  • There are not a lot of colors available for wider sizes
  • Some people did not find the quality of the product good enough

Comfortable Nursing Shoes – Waterproof Non-Slip Pro Shoes


Normally waterproof shoes are made up of this synthetic material that makes it uncomfortable to wear.

However, it’s time to remove that belief from your minds because these Waterproof Nursing shoes have been created for women who love enjoying comfort!

The upper and outer sole of the body is made up of waterproof material that prevents you from getting your feet wet. It also prevents you from slipping while walking on slippery, wet floors.

Usually, waterproof shoes have no pores that could help your feet to breathe easily but this pair is considered to be one of the best nursing shoes when it comes to this part.  The footbed is made out of an absorbent material that keeps your feet dry.

They also have a special feature – an anti-torsion and shock absorbing system that prevents women from injuring their feet while working.

Other than that, they are super comfortable and lightweight when you wear them – that makes surviving your busy days much easier.


  • Made up of synthetic material
  • They have a rubber sole – prevents one from slipping.
  • The platform of the shoe measures approximately 1.00″
  • They are comfortable and lightweight
  • They typically run true to size. However, it is recommended that people who wear half-size we should order a half-size smaller. The letter M on the size means medium width for women.
  • The upper and outsole are made up of non-slip, waterproof material
  • The footbed is made with an absorbent material to keep your feet dry
  • Absorbs shocks and prevents one from getting injured
  • Great Arch Support

Pros & Cons

  • They are waterproof
  • They are slip-resistant
  • They are lightweight
  • Absorbs shocks

  • Some people say that they are not durable
  • Not suitable for people with backaches

Best Tennis Shoes for Women

Brooks Women’s Ghost 12 Running Shoe

Tennis Shoes
Tennis Shoes

Nurses have to rush all the time while they are on duty and they rarely get the time to sit down to relax. The level of fatigue they may experience and the addition of pain they are feeling because of their sore feet – might as well drain their energy and productivity levels.

This is one of the best shoes manufactured by Brooks that ensures that its wearers will have a “happy run”. So, there is a need to worry about having sore feet anymore! This shoe has a BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT that makes you feel light and comfortable at all times.

Furthermore, they are also durable and can last for a long time so you don’t even have to worry about investing more money again to buy another pair. They have been 3-D engineered so that they fit you perfectly! That’s not all these shoes also have special grooves that they call the Segmented Crash Pad which work to result in a smoother stride or run.


  • These shoes have an insole made with rubber
  • Provides you with a smoother run
  • Supports and cushions your feet to prevent any physical injuries
  • BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT work to provide you with the ultimate comfort!
  • Segment Crash Pads that act as shock absorbers
  • 3D Fit print.

Pros & Cons

  • Comes in stylish designs
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Great support for your feet
  • Perfect fit

  • These shoes may be a bit expensive – if you have a low budget

JOOMRA Women Lightweight 3D Woven Stylish Athletic Shoes

Stylish Athletic
Stylish Athletic

This pair is found to be in Amazon’s Choice of the best tennis shoes. The body of the shoes has been 3D designed into a woven, intricate, and elegant pattern, giving you the style you need to show-off at work.

The outsole of the shoes was inspired by the shape of a feather. That’s the reason why your feet feel lightweight – just like a feather – while running around. In addition to the feather-like features, there is a mesh on the upper body of the shoes that keeps your feet cool at all times.

The shoes cut off these stylish athletic shoes have an integrated collar that makes your feet feel comfortable while you are working all day long. Style and comfort are the two main reasons why these are the best tennis shoes for nurses and women.


  • The sole is synthetic
  • The body has 3D Woven upper features and intricate grid pattern designs
  • Shoe tongue with integrated collar offer wearers with comfort and it fits their feet perfectly
  • The laces are connected through hidden eyelets.
  • Constructed in the typical slip-on structure
  • The outsole is inspired by the shape of the feather, that incorporates natural motion and the flex grooves react to every movement
  • The mesh on the upper part of the shoes helps to keep your feet cool`

Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight

  • Some people did find a problem in the size and fittings

Best Nursing Sneakers for Women

New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker

Nursing Shoes
Nursing Shoes

If you are looking for a tennis shoe to wear to work then this shining, white shoe right here is one of the best nursing shoes. The shoe provides the wearer with arch support, stability, and balance.

The shoe has a New Balance Memory Comfort Sole that cushions your feet, and it removes the burden from your feet, making you feel lightweight enough that you might think that you can fly. They also have several stylish features that will make you look good while you work.

in addition to this, these shoes have a REVlite cushioned midsole that also acts as a shock-absorber protecting your feet from getting hurt when you stub it in a wall.

Though they have laces that need to be tied up, these shoes are easy to wear. All you have to do is slip your feet and work all day long building up blocks of success – without feeling discomfort at any time or place.

This pair of white shoes also come with several, other vibrant and contrasting colors – from white to burgundy, you name it!


  • Fabric and synthetic

Pros & Cons

  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Comfortable for daily use
  • The mesh allows your feet to breathe – this satisfied customer the most

  • Not good at supporting your feet
  • Some people were not satisfied with the size and fittings of the shoe
  • Maybe be difficult to wear for people with high arches

DUOYANG JIASHA Women’s Athletic Mesh Breathable Casual Sneakers Lace Up Running Comfort

Running Shoes
Running comfort

These are one of the best sneakers designed for women who love to work in fashion without compromising their comfort.

These sneakers offer wearers with comfort and relief as it has a comfort system that acts as a shock absorber and cushions your feet, thus protect it from all sorts of physical injuries. It has a lightweight outsole and an outsole made out of breathable mesh.

These sneakers also come with laces so that you can tie them up, allowing your feet to perfectly fit in these shoes. Moreover, you can also choose from the number of fresh and vibrant colors they are available in. Most nurses wear white shoes, so they can easily find these best sneakers in this professional color.


  • These sneakers are made of synthetic fabrics
  • It has a lightweight outsole
  • It has a breathable cushioned insole
  • Breathable mesh and laces
  • Available in six colors: White, blue, dark grey, pink, grey, rose red
  • It has a comfort system that makes the shoe feel lightweight and acts as a shock absorber

Pros & Cons

  • They look stylish and fashionable
  • People were satisfied with the quality of the product – according to the price
  • Wearers found them comfortable to wear

  • Some people were unhappy with the shipping – check the product carefully

The Best Nursing Shoes for Pregnant Women

TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes Casual Mesh-Comfortable Work Sneakers

Work Sneakers
Work Sneakers

Women who work during the period of pregnancy need to be extra careful while choosing the right shoe to wear.

These best nursing shoes were specially designed to provide comfort and protection to such women at work who are on their feet all day long.

These shoes also have an upper mesh – which has tiny holes on its surface to provide proper ventilation, thus allowing your feet to breathe easily.

Moreover, they also have a special feature that is the High Elastic MD outsole. This feature makes the shoe slip-resistant protecting women from slipping and getting injured while they are on duty.

These pair of nursing shoes have a small heel, but they are comfortable enough.

Other than that, these shoes are also durable, and environmentally friendly materials have been used to manufacture this product.


  • The latest iteration of fabric upper allows your feet to breathe easily
  • They have High elastic MD outsoles – makes them slip-resistant
  • Customer’s with wide feet should choose a size that is 0.5 greater than your original foot size
  • Lightweight and comfortable shoes
  • Durable
  • Green and healthy concept design
  • Check the site for further details about the size

Pros & Cons

  • They are slip-resistant
  • They are comfortable to wear
  • They are lightweight

  • They have small heels that might make women feel a bit uncomfortable
  • Some people had problems with the shipping and packaging – check the product when you receive it!

Vionic Women’s Fitness Shoes

Fitness Shoes
Fitness Shoes

These shoes also appear in the list of best nursing shoes for pregnant women. These shoes offer pregnant nurses with the comfort they deserve. These sneakers are slip-on so women can wear without facing any difficulty. The colorful mesh uppers and the gore panels allow women to move smoothly and with ease.

The insole is firm but flexible, and it has a removable Mesh covered footbed. In addition to this, these shoes have a durable outsole made out of rubber. These nursing shoes have been designed uniquely and the addition of biomechanical technology provides wearers with the ultimate comfort and their feet feel lightweight.

They also have a lot of designs and come in a variety of styles and colors. However, if you are going for the professional white color – they might not be available in that color. If your hospital does not have any restrictions on the type of shoes you can then that’s great!


  • Made out of fabric
  • The upper is man-made
  • The Mesh Covered EVA Footbed is removable
  • The rubber outsole is durable
  • The shoe had a biomechanical technology

Pros & Cons

  • They have slip-resistant outsoles
  • They are durable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • This shoe also includes podiatrist-designed orthotic with a uniquely designed upper

  • The size may not be perfect
  • These shoes are not waterproof
  • They are not available in the color white

The Best Nursing Shoes for Men

Best white nursing shoes for men – Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed-Fit Work Shoe

Relaxed Work Shoes
Relaxed Work Shoes

Another pair of white shoes ranked on top of the best-selling nursing shoe list are these Skechers, engineered for working men who are looking for the best footwear to buy for work.

They have a rubber inner and outer sole that provides the wearer with comfort and prevents them from slipping while they are on the run. This keeps them safe from all sorts of leg or ankle injuries.

Other than that, the details on the shoes give it a modern, stylish appearance – like the reinforced stitching on its body and the lace-up vamp makes it a fashion item as well. Thus, these white shoes are best for people who love to work in style.

Their insoles are padded with foam – that cushions the feet, and the midsole is designed to absorb shocks from the environment. This again protects the wearer’s feet, providing them with huge amounts of comfort and relief.


  • The sole is made with rubber
  • Supportive work on shoes such as lace-up vamp reinforced stitching and logos on the body of the shoe
  • It has a padded tongue and a collar
  • Insole padded with memory foam
  • Soft fabric shoe lining
  • Shock absorbing midsole
  • OSHA-complaint nitrile outsole

Pros & Cons

  • They are slip-resistant shoes

  • Not a lot of people find them comfortable
  • Not available in a lot of colors
  • They are not durable

Best Tennis Shoes for Men – Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

Men Working Shoes
Men Working Shoes

These shoes are made for nursing men who are always working hard during the day. These shoes are lightweight and comfortable so the wearer’s feet feel like feathers, unburdened as they walk and run. They also have an upper mesh with tiny holes in its surface to allow constant breathing – adding to the levels of comfort that one may feel.

These are the best tennis shoes designed for nursing men – they are comfortable but the leather of the shoes is durable so you probably may not have to worry about spending money to buy a new pair. You can easily use this pair of tennis shoes for a long period.

In addition to this, they also have an EVA sock lining, the midsole of the shoe has a charged cushioning and these feature of the shoe makes it comfortable to wear and walk-in.


  • Made of 84% Polyester and 16% Elastane
  • It has a sole made out of rubber
  • The shaft measure low-top of the arch
  • The mesh upper is lightweight and allows breathability
  • They are flexible and cushioning
  • Durable leather
  • EVA sock-liner provides comfort
  • The midsole has a charged cushioning providing with optimal cushioning

Pros & Cons

  • Mesh uppers are comfortable
  • They are lightweight
  • They are durable

  • There may be problems with the sizing
  • After using this a long time, the shoes may lose their durability and may cause discomfort

Best nursing sneakers for men – Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

Running Sneakers For Men
Running Sneakers For Men

These shoes are the best-selling shoes in the nursing sneakers category for men/ If you are looking for an iconic pair of sneakers to wear at work – you should buy these shoes.

The body and sole of the shoes are made out of synthetic materials. Other than that, the insole of the memory foam so that cushions the feet of the wearers.

When it comes to style these shoes have extra stitching and front-perforation across its body. These sneakers are also layered in leather with a ghillie lacing and grosgrain stripes – these style elements give a more modern look to the shoe.


  • They are made out of synthetic materials
  • The sole of the shoe is synthetic
  • These sneakers are layered leather featuring ghillie lacing with grosgrain stripe at tongue
  • There are stitching and front-perforation details
  • The insole is made of memory foam
  • The tongue of the shoe will only be according to the size of the shoe

Pros & Cons

  • The sizes are perfect
  • Good quality memory foam is used for the insole
  • Comfortable

  • They are not durable

The best nursing shoes for both men and women

CROC Classic Clog – Water Comfortable Slip-on Shoes

Classic Clog
Classic Clog

These are also on the top of the best-selling list of white nursing shoes. These pair of classic clogs are suitable to wear for nurses looking for a comfortable and safe walking experience. These are the best nursing shoes designed for both men and women’s wear.

Moreover, if you are looking for inexpensive footwear that will cushion your feet during work – go get these shoes! You don’t have to empty your wallet to get the same amount of relief and comfort. This is also one of the main reasons why these crocs are the best nursing shoes.

If you are looking for white nursing shoes, you can buy these pair of crocs. However, we like white shoes because it gives a more professional outlook but these crocs are available in all colors and sizes.

They are also easier to wear – just slip in your feet into the shoes and enjoy the comfort! They also have features that make these shoes feel lightweight. These best nursing shoes also have pores on the surface that allow ventilation to occur, they also help by removing water and debris from the shoes.


  • Made of 100% Croslite
  • They have a synthetic sole
  • Available in different varieties of colors and sizes.
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Have ventilation pores

Pros & Cons

  • They are comfortable and cushioning to wear
  • They are available in various colors and sizes
  • People like the ventilation feature in these shoes
  • Not that expensive

  • People have complained about the fitting

Crocs Men’s and Women’s on The Clock Work Shoe – Slip Resistant Work Shoes

Working Shoes
Working Shoes

These white shoes are considered to be the best nursing shoes for men and women. They have special features that make them easy and comfortable – this allows people to work for long periods without sensing pain or discomfort.

In addition to this, they have a smooth surface, so it is easy and simple to clean these shoes. Just grab a sponge and a bar of soap, wipe the dirt off, and they will look as good as new!

They are also comfortable to wear as they have enclosed toes and heels that protect your feet from getting hurt while you are on the run. They have soft footbeds and the Croslite foam cushions the feet – so wearers can comfortably work all day long.

They are also safe to wear as they are slip-resistant. These white nursing shoes are the best as they are perfect for those who are at a higher risk of slipping.


  • 100% Man-Made
  • Sole is made out of synthetic material
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Designed for a relaxed fit
  • They are slip-resistant

Pros & Cons

  • They are non-slip Easy to clean Comfortable to wear
  • Poor ventilation system Some people found problems in the sizes

Guidelines on how to buy the best nursing shoes!

The one thing that all hard-working nurses deserve is a good pair of shoes. As mentioned before nurses may not get the time to sit down and rest so before you buy a good pair of nursing shoes – keep these golden guidelines in your mind.

Firstly, the prime feature of these shoes is the amount of comfort you receive after wearing them. They should not feel firm or hard enough that your feet start to ache while you are walking and running.

Then comes durability, now you can’t spend all your hard-earned money on buying a good pair of shoes. We suggest that you should invest one but buy the best. This will prevent you from hassling and wasting money.

Before you order your pair of shoes, make sure that the size you are ordering will fit you perfectly. You already have a tough, hectic schedule so you don’t have the time to refund and exchange products. Look for the best size for your feet. Also, keep the type of feet in mind – are your feet narrow or wide?

Lastly, the shoes should have good arch support. If you buy shoes that fail to support your feet or your ankles and back are aching – that’s not a good sign.

The best nursing shoe should support and cushion your feet for a long time.


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